About Us

Full Spectrum Tutoring is an individualised academic coaching company, aiming to empower our students to reach their full potential. We focus on working parallel to a student's school curriculum and exam schedule. Regardless of achievement level, every student will benefit from our tutors with revision and exam preparation, self-esteem and motivational training.

Our qualified tutors are registered teachers within the Queensland education system. This means your child will be taught the most current methods and relevant theories for their year level. Furthermore, each tutor understands how to make the complicated look simple, adapting their approach to suit each individual learner. Acknowledging and understanding each student's needs are different, our sessions are tailored one-on-one allowing specific focused learning experiences addressing classroom content, revision and exam preparation.

At Full Spectrum Tutoring we don't tell students what to do, we teach them how to do it.

For more information please contact Ben on 0438165912.

Improve Grades

Invest in your childs education early so that they are set for life.

Qualified Tutors

Highly educated tutors with years of experience and masters in their chosen fields.

Focus On Long Term

We don't just educate your child, we also focus on the long term by teaching them study methods.







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For more information please contact Ben on 1300 364 499.